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Los Angeles Court’s Online Services

E-filing is now required by the Los Angeles Superior Court for almost all documents.  There are many e-filing service providers to choose from when filing your documents with the Court.  The Court’s own website has a lot of services available to help those who want to handle their own matter.  Below is a list of the types of services the Court’s website offers:

You can check on your jury duty, pay your ticket, check court records and more.  I have provided easy access only to those services the Court provides in connection with probate.

  • Case Access – Probate

    You can get a summary of your civil, small claims, family law and probate case. All you need is your case number.

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    Probate Efiling

    The Probate Division has implemented mandatory electronic filing (efiling) for attorneys and provided the option of efiling to self-represented litigants. Probate matters are heard at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse and the Michael D. Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse.

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    Case Calendar – Probate

    You can access up to 14 days of a courtroom’s calendar to find your court date for general jurisdiction civil, limited jurisdiction civil, family law and probate calendars. In compliance with Code of Civil Procedure section 1161.2, Unlawful Detainer case information is not available to the public for the first 60 days.

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    Filing Court Locator – Probate

    You can find the courthouse location where you may file your civil, family law, probate or small claims case using a zip code or city/community.

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    Interpreter Request – Probate

    You can request an interpreter for your Probate case.

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    Search for Case Number by Name – Probate

    You can search parties of record and participants for civil, small claims, family law and probate cases to find your case number.

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    Probate Notes – Probate

    You can find Probate Notes related to your case. All you need is your case number.

    Below is a list of the Los Angeles Superior Court Divisions


    The Appellate Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court reviews the trial court decisions, and all evidence presented in the trial court. The types of cases reviewed are: Infraction, Misdemeanor, Limited Civil, Small Claims Post Judgment Enforcement Orders, and Writs relating to the above types of cases.

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    The Civil Court provides a system for private parties to resolve disputes. In civil cases, the plaintiff files a case against the defendant. The jurisdiction of a court is the authority to handle a case and is determined by the amount of the dispute.

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    The criminal courts hear cases where the State has filed charges against one or more persons alleged to have committed criminal offenses. Criminal offenses fall into one of three categories: Infractions, Misdemeanors, or Felonies.

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    Family Law

    Family Law cases can involve a number of issues such as: Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Legal Separation, Nullity (Annulment), Parentage (Paternity) and Spousal or Domestic Partner Support. The Family Law Division also hears Elder Abuse, Civil Harassment and Gun Violence Restraining Order requests.

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    The Juvenile Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court deals with cases that involve children under 18 years old. The two types of courts within the Juvenile Division are Dependency Court and Delinquency Court.

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    Mental Health

    The Mental Health Court of the Los Angeles Superior Court provides a wide variety of services to the mentally ill. Los Angeles County is the only county in California using a centralized court for cases involving mental disorders and mental health legal issues.

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    Probate Court is a Court of General Jurisdiction that includes, but is not limited to the following proceedings: Decedents’ estates, Trust proceedings, Guardianship proceedings, Conservatorship proceedings, and Minor’s compromises.

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    Small Claims

    Small Claims Court handles Civil cases asking for $10,000.00 or less. It is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. Rules are simplified and the hearing is informal. There are no lawyers, no rules of evidence, and no juries. You don’t need to be a United States citizen to file or defend a case in Small Claims Court.

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    Traffic Court handles cases that usually begin when a citation or ticket is written by a law enforcement officer. Tickets can be issued for violations of traffic laws and other non-traffic offenses.

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