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How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Probate Process in California

While California’s probate process was already slow prior to COVID-19, court closures at the beginning of the pandemic added even more time to this lengthy legal matter. However, as more courts in the state reopen and deal with the backlog of filings, the probate process has started to pick up again and peoples’ cases are now minimally impacted by social distancing orders.

Filing a Probate Case During the Pandemic

If a loved one passes away during the pandemic and their will names you as the executor of the estate, then you ought to file a case with the appropriate county within 30 days of their death. If your loved one owned property, you will also have to notify the county tax assessor within 150 days. Luckily, most counties in California offer the option of electronic filing for probate matters. In-person appearances are also not required and can instead be conducted via virtual services or video.

It is important to note that the electronic filing process for probate matters is not exactly “user-friendly,” which is why you should consult with an experienced probate lawyer at our firm to make sure everything is properly filed. Errors made during the filing process can result in substantial losses and wasted time. But with our seasoned legal team in your corner, you can feel confident knowing that protecting your best interests is our top priority.

Skilled Probate Attorney Serving Los Angeles

If you have more questions or need help navigating the probate process during the pandemic, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Law Office of Mitchell A. Port so we can get to work for you. From filing petitions for probate to contesting wills, we offer a wide range of legal services for our clients so they can transfer and obtain property with minimal interference from the state and various parties who might contest the estate.

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